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first snow

It’s snowing in Portland. Few things bring out the unabashed kid in everyone like the first (only?) snowfall of the year. Wikipedia tells us: Snowfall is uncommon [in Portland] with a […]

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super preço

A few weeks ago when I was in Burlington, one evening around 7:45pm I realized: “Hm … I’m hungry.” I looked out the window at the rainy sky and considered […]

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wrigley field

At the end of my senior year in college, my close friends Paul and Erik passed through Chicago on their way across the country. Having finished their final exams, they were on […]

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The first computer I can remember having was an Apple IIe: greyish-green case, monochrome monitor with springy keys that made loud tap-tappy noises when you hit them. In fact, I probably learned to type on that machine … and also how to procrastinate. Case in point: Spy Hunter.

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