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Panorama of Chefchaouen.

moroccan countryside (photo gallery)

Before arriving in Morocco, I didn’t have many expectations. Come to think of it, I didn’t have any expectations. Months ago when we were first daydreaming about leaving Angola and [...]

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dromedary (photo gallery)

While on the road, it’s been fun to read a novel that takes place where we’re traveling. In Cape Town, I got caught up the murder mystery of 13 Hours, [...]

dromedary (photo gallery) →

dance man

Looking back at our time in Marrakech, one image keeps springing to mind: the dance man. Marrakech is an intense city by nature and we arrived in Morocco straight into [...]

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open seats

After you board an airplane, there’s nothing like that magical moment when the cabin doors close and there is an entire row of empty seats right next to you. You [...]

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